Business owners: can you answer these 10 questions?

  1. What are my goals as a business owner?
  2. My business is my livelihood. Who else is dependent upon its success?
  3. Do I have benefits in place to attract, reward, and retain top talent?
  4. Do I know what my business is really worth?
  5. Do I have a buy-sell agreement in place? If so, is it properly funded?
  6. Have I made my family members and key employees aware of my succession plan?
  7. Will I have sources of retirement income beyond proceeds from the sale of my business?
  8. Have I taken the necessary steps to minimize my tax burden?
  9. Do I have a coordinated team of advisors working with me?
  10. How do I pick the right financial professional to work with me and my business?

Your network of advisors.
Working in tandem.

Business owners generally need a team of advisors (like attorneys, financial professionals, property and casualty agents, and bankers). As your advisor, we’ll also be quarterback. We’ll get everyone working in concert with the best interests of your business in mind.

Customized Oversight & Solutions

Executive Benefits Planning

Incentivize and retain your key employees with an executive benefits package. Get help structuring salary, bonuses, insurance, retirement savings, fringe benefits, and other incentives.

401(k) Management

We’ll help everyone in your business save for retirement while sparing you the burden of managing employee education, fiduciary compliance, monitoring operations, and more.

Health Insurance Plans

Offering health insurance is a key way to recruit, retain and reward your employees. We can help you review plans and align on which ones make sense for your business.


Get on a path that leads you to retirement. We are professionals in helping you time your exit well, plan a smooth transition for customers and employees, and choose and prepare your successor.